One thought on “Fat”

  1. Wow! I don’t even know where to begin with that e-mail!
    What’s really odd about it is that it isn’t written to sound like an attack; the tone is measured an even reasonable. But the things it says are ridiculous! A bad role-model? What, kids are encouraged to get fat because they see fat anchors on T.V.? If anything, fat news anchors are *good* role-models for showing kids you don’t have to be thin to be successful. You want to attack a role-model, go after all the movies, T.V. shows, and fashion magazines telling girls they need to diet to be pretty! And being fat is a “lifestyle choice”??? No, eating hamburgers every day is a lifestyle choice, and if Jennifer were doing *that* on air one might have a legitimate complaint. Being fat happens for all sorts of reasons, and without knowing what those reasons are, the writer has no right to criticise someone for it!
    End rant.

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