Squat Toilet

This is a commercial, not one of the fancy nice PSA animation. However I’ve read a few studies about this for awhile, and there was even a video about DIY squat adaptor, but none of them packaged all the info nicely. This does it. It’s worth it.

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No faces, and yet it really works. Another great example of less is more. And despite never really watching the Simpsons, this reminds me of Bart having his hand kissed by his older-and-attractive babysitter, after which he decides never to ever wash his hand again.

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Star Wars Animated

Out of the realm of fan-videos comes an animation! Apparently part of a larger work.

A recent TIL for me is that you could fly through an asteroid belt and never come even close to an asteroid, let alone 2 close together. That is because stuff in space is really far apart, yo.

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A real person, a lot like you

Easy to forget that a real person is on the other end of a transaction.

From the book “Anything You Want” – by Derek Sivers. I saw this awhile ago, but it recently got reposted and given my latest stint in online dating, struck a chord.

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