Menstruating Shirt

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Hot on the heels of the cervix photo essay comes this interview with Petra Collins on a t-shirt for American Apparel depicting a masturbating, menstruating, hairy, vagina. People are calling it all kinds of things, as you can imagine. NSFW obviously. I think the image is fine, and don’t think any part of it is gross, but I’m not sure I’d wear something like that around town.

Chatting with Petra Collins About Her Menstruating Vagina ShirtHere is the most controversial menstrual blood themed t-shirt of all time, by Petra Collins. via American Apparel. My friend Petra Collins-who has done all sorts of wonderful photography work for VICE, along with the all-female art collective she founded and curates, The Ardorous-caused an incredibly entertaining storm of controversy this week.

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Cervix in photos

I don’t know if I’d say it’s a beautiful cervix, but it’s certainly not ugly. I dunno, it looks like a cervix? It is however a super informative photo essay project showing the changes throughout a menstrual cycle. If you don’t like blood, body parts, and fluids, then maybe skip it. NSFW. via EdithC

Age 25 – Entire CycleThis 25 year old woman has never given birth and has no history of STIs. Each photo was taken at approximately 10:00 pm every day starting the first day of her menstrual cycle. For the duration of this project, she used condoms as her birth control method so as not to introduce semenal fluid into the photoshoot.

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RE: Miley Cyrus

So Sinéad O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus. It’s interesting in that “here is your role model telling you that you are going down the wrong path”.

But then Amanda Palmer got into the ring and wrote one to Sinéad. One of the most interesting conversations I’ve read in a long time.

an open letter to sinéad o’connor, re: miley cyrus.Sinéad O’Connor wrote a letter to Miley Cyrus, you can read it here: (or HERE on The Guardian if her site’s down from heavy traffic) This is my letter back to Sinéad. Dear Sinéad, I love you. I grew up worshipping your music and your bold attitude and, especially, your refusal to sign up to the bullshit beauty standard.

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Click the link above to read it in full. Talk about a look into the struggle women face when trying to be powerful and embrace elements which are traditionally just for the male gaze.

Hottest Cosplay Outfits

The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever!Here’s the secret of cosplays everywhere: they have the potential to be HOT. I mean, really really hot. Some of the hottest stuff you’ll ever encounter will be the elaborate cosplays worn by the bodacious babes and bros at conventions across the world. And we’ve gathered the 7 hottest of the hot.

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Click the link above for the article. So accurate, really glad I checked this one out. Now I know. via EdithC

Being Sexually Submissive Doesn’t Mean I’m Weak

Being Sexually Submissive Doesn’t Mean I’m WeakIf you were to ever meet me in my daily travels, the word “submissive” is likely the last thing that would come to mind to describe me. I am fiercely independent, strong willed, and extremely outspoken. I am a feminist, an activist, and a mother.

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These things are not mutually exclusive. This is especially true of men too, where the societal expectation is that you will be dominant. It’s also important to draw a line between everyday interaction and bedroom behaviour. What someone does consensually in the bedroom is personal, and should not affect how society treats them. click on the link above for the article.

Being political

Jen Kirkman To Men: “Speak the Hell Up for Female Comics”Jen Kirkman would like people to stop telling her to shut up. Specifically, on the internet. In the past couple of days, she’s been speaking up on her blog about how she’s generally had it with the way women are treated on the Internet. So have I!

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I think it’s really deplorable how women are treated online. And I see it everywhere. Sometimes people speak up, but usually they don’t. Yeah men get horrible things too. That doesn’t make the treatment of women OK. And the tone and severity and fervour at which it is done I think is different. This article was just one example. I post political things, and funny things. I don’t get this kind of abuse for doing it. via AnneR

Wear the tiara

I Am A Beautiful PrincessWhy, yes, I am a beautiful princess. Thank you for noticing. The list of reasons to explain how I found myself dancing around the living room, sporting fairy wings, a tiara, and a wand the other night, is a long and varied one.

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I don’t want my daughter to tolerate this sort of thing, I want her to grow up oblivious as to why something as inconsequential as a boy wanting to wear a dress would ever even be an issue to anyone.

I mostly post Feminist content, but occasionally it’s worth talking about the manbox, and gender norms that affect men. There are real problems there, and this was definitely a great example. I really liked the message that it’s not enough to tolerate. It’s not about embracing either. It’s just about something being neutral. via AnneR