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I wasn’t happy with how WordPress was crossposting to where almost my viewers are. Facebook. So I just started posting on my Facebook profile instead. It’s not my page, The internet today, by Finn, it’s my personal profile. If you want to also like my page, that would be rad, it would let me know you enjoy what I post. If you’d like to receive my posts, simply click the “Follow” button from within Facebook on my profile. Remember to set your feed to “Latest” or to Like/Comment or FB will start hiding me from you. This will be status quo until I figure out a better arrangement.

2013 Year in Review

Lost a few more friends. To distance, to time, to stupidity and my awkward nature.

Lost my determination for a short while, but got it back.

Loved an incredible woman, and lost. Learned that you can’t force things; that just because someone pushes you, does not mean it is the right fit for you.

Posted a hangout ad on the internet and met two incredible people, who showed me whole new worlds.

Pushed myself socially harder than I ever have since I was a teen, trying new things, meeting new people, putting myself in adventures path. Learned my limits, going home from a party in tears just from sheer social exhaustion.

Made new friends, and am so looking forward to the time I will share with them, but most importantly what they will share with me.

The loneliness of not sharing my personal space really creeped up on me.

Got some great hugs.

It was a rough year, and I hit bottom in many ways, but after so many good years of building my life up, bedrock is now far bellow me.

This, this I can work with.

I know I will face whatever comes next.


“Curatorship” by Euan Semple, via ChrisE

The things I find interesting say something about me. Shared links are like the clothes you wear, they project an image of yourself that you hope some people will find attractive and be drawn to. This process of curating stuff that appeals to you allows you to be found by people who share your interests. This helps start relationships and build networks. This is how you get to do interesting things with interesting people.

Since I was a teen, the social aspect was my favourite part. Especially in person! So please, connect, let me know when something touches you, and share back when the urge finds you.

Kids and Cardboard Boxes

Children don’t care if toys are just a bunch of cardboard boxes

When a preschool teacher in Ohio decided to replace all the toys and learning materials in the class with cardboard boxes and other raw materials, he expected some grumbling from his three-year-old students.

Much to his surprise, he received none whatsoever.

Video Games Are History

As video games tell more involved stories, it’s understandable that they’ve gone the route movies and books have, and now often base things on real events. The Globe and Mail feels it important to remind us that video games are not an accurate representation of history and suggests they are doing us a disservice. Twitter strikes back, with hilarious results. Example:

Simcity does a disservice to prospective mayors in forgoing procedural motions before council and public consultations #GlobeEditorial

via AnneR

White Knight Syndrome: PVPOnline

So PVPOnline (an online comic somewhat about gaming and gadget culture) recently did two strips making light of the White Knight syndrome. I felt a bit uneasy about it, and couldn’t put my finger on it until today. For those not familiar, at it’s simplest, a white knight is a man who comes to the rescue or defence of a woman.

More on my thoughts after the break. Continue reading “White Knight Syndrome: PVPOnline” »

Ottawa Vegetarian Food

As a vegetarian since birth (not currently vegan, no fish/chicken, +eggs +dairy), I will say do not treat vegetarian food like an ethnic food type and you will have the best time. I’ve listed the vegan/granola typical places bellow further, but I’ve always had better luck finding a resto that was not veggy but had decent options.

My personal pics of good restos that have stuff I can eat are:

  • Stone Faced Dollys (Brunch, Preston)
  • Memories (Lunch/Desert, Clarence)
  • Siam Bistro (Thai, Wellington)
  • So Good Foods (Chinese, Somerset)
  • Wassabi (Japanese/Sushi, Clarence)
  • The Manx (Granola, Elgin)
  • La Favorita (Italian, Preston)
  • Saigon Pho (Pho, Bank)
  • Chez Nam (Vietnamese, Booth)
  • Ceylonta (Sri Lankan, Somerset)
  • Newport (Pizza, Richmond)
  • The Works (burgers, everywhere)

If you’re looking for “pure” Vegan/Granola places (notice almost all of these are the same kind of food):

  • The Manx (elgin)
  • Zen Kitchen (somerset, fancy vegan)
  • The Table (wellington, buffet)
  • Green Door (buffet)
  • Cafe New House (bank, way past billings)
  • Savage Garden (thai, fake meat, bank street near billings)
  • Perfection Satisfaction Promise (laurier)
  • Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet (somerset)
  • Green Earth (Elgin)
  • Wild Oat (bank, breakfast and lunch)
  • La Belle Verte (Gatineau)

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Nature versus Nurture

BBC talks about nature vs. nurture in the context of the Olympics, including historical context. I recently had a discussion similar to this to do with biological immunities and disease susceptibility with a friend, one big question we encountered was: Has enough time passed for genetic selection to really have a significant effect? Our sample rate was <100 years, but even with the slavery context here, I don't think you're talking about that many generation. Also, as crash course has taught us, slaves imported into South America and the Caribbean for hard labour did not survive, a constant supply of new slaves were needed to keep the plantations running. There were no children to produce a legacy. (via Most Watched Today)