Parents teach kids mystery with dinosaur stunts each November

Parents bring their kids dinosaur toys to life each November, toy story style. Check out the quickmeme page for a nice collection and explanation of their adventures. Then get more pictures on the Facebook page.

Disney Princesses Wearing Pop-Culture Costumes

Isaiah Stephens drew these striking images of Disney Princesses in pop-culture costumes ostensibly for through for more drawings in full size to do them justice! These are really great.

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Couples Switch Outfits By Hana Pesut

In the “isn’t this fun and hilarious” camp we have this clothing swap where men and women swapped clothes after a picture was taken for a pretty big double-take done by Hana Pesut. Click through for more pictures.

Couples Switch Outfits In Playful, Gender-Bending Photo Series By Hana Pesut (31 pics)Have you ever wondered how you might look if you switched clothes with someone of the opposite gender? Canadian photographer Hana Pesut has set out to deal with that question in Switcharoo, which features couples photographed in their outfits and then again after they swap clothing.

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What would you look like as another gender?

JJ Levine poses the same model in pictures as both a man and a woman. Some of these are especially well done, and they go far beyond a simple clothing swap as they are meant to be believable. Click through for the pictures, my favourite is likely the pregnancy one! via GillianW

Beautiful Photo Series Explores How One Person Can Take On Two Genders1. Alone Time is a photo series by Canadian artist JJ Levine, in which he configures one model into two different genders within the same frame. “By doubling a single body within one frame,” Levine told BuzzFeed, “I celebrate the human capacity for gender fluidity and call into question the idea of authenticity of gender.”

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Quotas are ugly things, and nobody should have to deal with them. via upworthy


Sometimes you see backlash about female quotas from men, and I think it’s important to realize that quotas are the wrong way to approach things. It’s not about putting a body in there, it’s about finding qualified individuals in a non-narrow selective way. Nowhere is this more true than in the Technical Conference circuit, where the culture, mindset and approval just won’t find or hire qualified women speakers. This is starting to change, and thankfully the conversation is now shifting from “we need x women on the panels” to “how can we make this an environment women won’t hate to be in and will actually attend or want to speak at”.

Amnesty International Augmented Reality

Amnesty International Advertising Campaign inserts people from around the world into your space through really clever photo manipulation. Makes you think twice about what is going on. NSFW violence, some disturbing imagery.


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Milk Pinups

Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz splashed milk as clothes on models to recreate classic pinups. check out his website for the whole series. Obviously NSFW.

My favourite is probably this dress.


One person mentioned to me that this struck the uncanny valley, of something a little too perfect to be believable. While it’s true he used real milk splashing on skin to create the pictures, a lot of Photoshop went into making them perfect and compositing all the shots together. So I think this was a bit inevitable. I’d also argue that this aesthetic belongs to the classic pinup in the first place.

Many more pictures on his website bellow.

Aurum Light BlogToday we have a few illustrations from our recent Workshops in London, Frankfurt and Los Angeles. We had a great time with photographers from all over the world and now are gearing up for a really fantastic Milky weekend in Italy, produced by Manfrotto and Marco Tortato in Bassano on 8-9 June.

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