So a few years ago a friend went on a trip, and there was that awkward moment where they asked,  “I’ll pick up something for you, what do you want?”

I don’t know when you’re at the right time in a friendship to be giving souvenirs (let alone birthday gifts, especially outside the context of a bday party).

But growing up, there were a few things I felt were missing in my life; the smaller, simpler pleasures.  A distinct lack of toothpicks. The only time I managed to grasp one in my hands was the rare roadside stop on family vacations. A big highlight for sure of any trip.

So that’s my answer, and that’s what she gets me, every time. She’s gone on more trips now, and I have a little collection.  Let no one say I am lacking in toothpicks anymore.

While these are my little treasures, some people do something wondrous with theirs, as these  carvings show.