The Piano Guys – 5 Guys 1 Piano

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful rendered by the Piano Guys and friends. Absolutely incredible arrangement. Their other videos are also fantastic and well worth checking out, but are not this level of crazy.

I made the mistake of showing this to someone last night, I’ve been getting more into my piano playing lately and god damn this makes me want a piano so bad!

M4SONIC Double Launchpad

Everyone always wants you to push the envelope. This might be just a gimmick, but it’s still cool. M4SONIC uses two LaunchPads to play his beats at the same time. Some cross-over on hands would have been nice, but it wasn’t to be at this point. Still rather impressive.

(via reddit)

Christopher Maloney's audition

Christopher Maloney is terrified at his X-Factor UK 2012 audition, but he pulls through for a great performance of Bette Midler’s The Rose. Not a lot of good audition moments on these shows anymore, glad there are a few left.