Unicycle dance

It seems fitting that as I’m reading a book on Glenn Gould’s philosophy of the virtuoso I come across this old gem in my collection.

Chinese girl on unicycle pre 2006.

Is it worse for the falls, does that detract? Even before I read Gould and his theory of the bloodthirsty aspect of the crowd to witness the performer make a mistake, I saw this video and knew I was watching something unique and incredible. It just got better and better. I know she can do it. I don’t need it in one take.


Drifting has been really booming in North America of late, but it seems we’re just always behind Asia when it comes to pushing it to the limit.

Bicycle Drift with a great song from Initial D

My favorite is when he does a "perfect counter-drift", where he drifts in one direction then changes to turn the other way… so pro!

See you tonight

Since I’ve been getting up early lately it’s been doing all kinds of kooky things with my subconscious. I keep waking up at weird times, 3h00 strikes and my body thinks "you just had an evening nap, time to go back to gaming!". No, I’m getting my measly six hours before I have to get up at 5h00 stupid body.

Last night it was 4h00, but as I awoke I had a memory of a dream. A roomful of students, furiously writing down verses, and nothing was coming for me. One stanza, then nothing. My pencil felt heavy, like a blunt instrument. Then inspiration struck, I tore off my maroon sweater, the one my grandmother knitted for me of which I am so very proud, for which I love so very much, grabbed a pen and starting writing on the sweater itself. Heavy blue ink soaked into the wool, and while I knew I might not be able to read it afterwards, I didn’t care. It was flowing, just straight out of my mind and onto the sweater. I turned it over and kept writing. My partner beside me gets up and reads his solid, applause inducing oeuvre. My turn, I’m trying to read my sweater, it starts out really sappy typical, people laugh, and then the words fade away. I’m crying, shaking, with the need to convey the emotions which produced my work, with which they merged with this token of love I cherish so much, and yet I can’t. I leave shamed and broken, but after the day is done, someone asks me, "You’re coming back tomorrow right?"

Taylor Mali’s what teachers make

Probably his best performance of this poem. I still want to go to the bathroom.

I’m not much of a writer nor do I have a particular affinity for poetry. That said slam poetry seems to have a few qualities that make it a lot more appealing to a general audience, it’s powerful, focuses on emotional impact and if I had to compare it to techno, I’d say it was anthem. Maybe that’s cheap tricks, but I’d prefer to just see it as part of the whole, just one type, and it has it’s place.

Forever taking steps

The video just has this mesmerizing quality that I have never been able to shake off, like flying cows were just meant to be.

Really heralding the coming of things like Gary’s Mod, and the idea of modding a game slightly, not a Total Conversion.  More then adding a grapling hook, less then remaking all art and gameplay.  NeoTF and the few Counter-Strike mods came after this, but I still have a warm spot in my heart for this early experimentation.


Xbox’s Mosquito commercial

This one didn’t seem to get as much credit as it deserves, it works on many different level from a sound effect music to the visual imagery and this idea that all these animals are playing around, you’d think it was straight out of the lion king.

The Hunt

m.i.d.a.s by MIT students

Forget the system, I want the instant party goers button. Visualizations are so “how we thought the future would be” and yet once we had it, we found it didn’t really go anywhere. There was however a short golden age with winamp, between when people still sat around just listening to music and the queue ipod with 8GB and hit random — where people could stare at visualizations, but now it just seems like a waste of screen real estate.

Live Action Mario

Gordon College’s Super Mario Brothers Live Action

(via transbuddha.com)

There’s been a lot of mario content lately, and I’ve definitely saved the best for another day. But this is still one of the first things I’ve seen done that was pretty well thought out. I like how things go on even once things stop working properly. Too many coins in those blocks though.

Live-Action efforts are often awesome because of the memories they evoke in us.