Act Less Gay

Students should act less gay says an Alberta school trustee.

Dale Schaffrick suggested if “children with a gay tendency” could hide their gayness it would be “for their own benefit.”

I remember in my own problems with bullying, school administrators told me and my parents that it would be better if I changed schools, than for them to crack down on bullying. There was a zero tolerance back then, as there is now, but it often ends up being more of a zero tolerance of victims.

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Kids and Cardboard Boxes

Children don’t care if toys are just a bunch of cardboard boxes

When a preschool teacher in Ohio decided to replace all the toys and learning materials in the class with cardboard boxes and other raw materials, he expected some grumbling from his three-year-old students.

Much to his surprise, he received none whatsoever.

Video Games Are History

As video games tell more involved stories, it’s understandable that they’ve gone the route movies and books have, and now often base things on real events. The Globe and Mail feels it important to remind us that video games are not an accurate representation of history and suggests they are doing us a disservice. Twitter strikes back, with hilarious results. Example:

Simcity does a disservice to prospective mayors in forgoing procedural motions before council and public consultations #GlobeEditorial

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