Female Naration

So we have Battlestar Galactica (TV) on the left, and Mirror’s Edge (computer game) on the right. Both stunning examples of female narration. But the gulf between them is huge. What does this look like in narration heavy content like science documentaries? Who’s a prominent scientist who gets screen time?

From Women are stereotyped. Via AnneR

Seven Minutes of Terror

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror. A great breakdown of what the Curiosity landing on Mars will be like, and what’s involved. Inception music helps. Why couldn’t they just use the big bouncing ball of death landing technique?!? (the answer is size)

Jazz Dance

What’s a night in 1954 at the dance hall? What a great undertaking, although he cheats a bit and invites two stars out as well. I love how there’s so many groups of people, a Jam circle off to the side, couples on the dance floor, people drinking at tables and people watching, up against the stage cheering on the band. Look for the woman with no shoes, and the two women dancing together.