Knit Top

It’s tough to make a knitted sweater not look bulky, but maybe that’s because of the ones we typically make/buy. This midrift bearing one seems to work rather well, ironic since usually we think of bundling up in a sweater.

From The Sartorialist.

A wide range of models

FINALLY – a clothing store uses a diverse range of models and the results are amazingFinally – someone gets it right! If you know your way around the fashion industry, you’re familiar with the term “Lookbook.” Companies use lookbooks to showcase specific designs or a store’s upcoming seasonal lines. Usually, they’re filled with slim, caucasian models that have been used on runways and the majority of the fashion industry for ages.

Embedly Powered

Woah, they aren’t kidding. I’m kind of all over the place with this. This was very refreshing, and I even surprised myself by thinking “Wait is that a photoshop disaster? no, no it isn’t. Why did I assume that?” Sometimes with these include-everyone type things I wonder if it will eventually get to the point of being too PC. The alternative is not acceptable however, so I’m glad to see this effort to be more inclusive.

Blacks with Blacks

blacks with blacks

Great use of baggy blacks of different shades and textures, and fantastic contrast with the hair. Would it still work without the hair? How would it change the look?

(via The Satorialist)