Ottawa Vegetarian Food

As a vegetarian since birth (not currently vegan, no fish/chicken, +eggs +dairy), I will say do not treat vegetarian food like an ethnic food type and you will have the best time. I’ve listed the vegan/granola typical places bellow further, but I’ve always had better luck finding a resto that was not veggy but had decent options.

My personal pics of good restos that have stuff I can eat are:

  • Stone Faced Dollys (Brunch, Preston)
  • Memories (Lunch/Desert, Clarence)
  • Siam Bistro (Thai, Wellington)
  • So Good Foods (Chinese, Somerset)
  • Wassabi (Japanese/Sushi, Clarence)
  • The Manx (Granola, Elgin)
  • La Favorita (Italian, Preston)
  • Saigon Pho (Pho, Bank)
  • Chez Nam (Vietnamese, Booth)
  • Ceylonta (Sri Lankan, Somerset)
  • Newport (Pizza, Richmond)
  • The Works (burgers, everywhere)

If you’re looking for “pure” Vegan/Granola places (notice almost all of these are the same kind of food):

  • The Manx (elgin)
  • Zen Kitchen (somerset, fancy vegan)
  • The Table (wellington, buffet)
  • Green Door (buffet)
  • Cafe New House (bank, way past billings)
  • Savage Garden (thai, fake meat, bank street near billings)
  • Perfection Satisfaction Promise (laurier)
  • Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet (somerset)
  • Green Earth (Elgin)
  • Wild Oat (bank, breakfast and lunch)
  • La Belle Verte (Gatineau)

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