Meet the Spy

Short film based on Valve’s computer game  Team Fortress 2 entitled “Meet the Spy”.

My usual thing is to post gaming videos for those with the inclination, but in this case I wanted to share something for everyone else.  The amount of character, personality and charm Valve has managed to pack into these companion shorts to their game Team Fortress 2 is astounding.  It really makes you care about the different roles you can play in the game.

Valve has really done an outstanding job.  This video really shines in the personality displayed by every role, and unlike the other shorts they have done to date, this one involves many more characters.  It’s a bit strange to call them gaming cinematics in the traditional sence, but really that’s what they are.  Made for an online multiplayer first person shooter, they add to the feeling towards the game, instead of something that interupts the gameplay like in single player games.

Forever taking steps

The video just has this mesmerizing quality that I have never been able to shake off, like flying cows were just meant to be.

Really heralding the coming of things like Gary’s Mod, and the idea of modding a game slightly, not a Total Conversion.  More then adding a grapling hook, less then remaking all art and gameplay.  NeoTF and the few Counter-Strike mods came after this, but I still have a warm spot in my heart for this early experimentation.