Charles Aznavour – Sa jeneusse, Hier Encore

It has been almost a decade since my grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse, and while she was not in visible pain, she was also not very present since then. It is often hard to reconcile the memories we have of people and who they become, especially when it comes to illness and health issues. Now that she has passed, I know the part I carry with me the most is the person who read me bedtime stories then stayed with me as I fell asleep at the cottage.

I didn’t know her very well as an individual, the way a friend does, but I did discover my love of Chanson and Charles Aznavour through her.

Whiffenpoofs – Grace Kelly

Performance starts at 2:02. So Ben Folds is a judge on a A Capella reality show? And he’s giving out real music commentary? I’m sold, just for him.

And here’s Whiffenpoofs “Grace Kelly” segment on The Sing-Off on the opening episode of Season 2.

Needs More Tambourine

Stick with it until at least 50s in. Scott Bradlee’s band and Annie Goodchild do a Motown cover of Katy Perry Roar. But that isn’t the best part, the best part is tambourine player Tim Kubart. Who doesn’t need more cowbell. Had me stiches. Will the band join in on this madness?!?