What Really Makes Katniss Stand Out? Peeta, Her Movie Girlfriend

What Really Makes Katniss of Hunger Games Stand Out? Peeta, Her Movie Girlfriend is a really interesting look at a male character we don’t often see in mainstream movies, and how that changes the main female protagonist. Far from a negative, it’s pretty refreshing to see. No big spoilers, especially if you’ve read the books.

What Really Makes Katniss Stand Out? Peeta, Her Movie GirlfriendGeneral Hunger Games/Catching Fire information below; no huge surprises revealed. ] This weekend, Catching Fire, the second chapter of the Hunger Games film adaptations, raked in enormous piles of dough – with over $160 million in one weekend, it’s the biggest November opening ever. Ever. (Take that, Twilight sequels.)

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My son wears dresses, get over it

A father shares his perspective on his son who wears dresses. It’s an amazing (and short) read on masculinity and fatherhood and what it means to be a parent, on bullying and judgements and standing up for yourself. via Sandrine

My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over ItI’ve been a police officer for more than 15 years. I’ve been a detective and now I’m a senior officer who trains the new recruits out on the street. Before that I was a firefighter. Before that I played football in college after playing baseball and football in high school, and lettering my sophomore year.

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Couples Switch Outfits By Hana Pesut

In the “isn’t this fun and hilarious” camp we have this clothing swap where men and women swapped clothes after a picture was taken for a pretty big double-take done by Hana Pesut. Click through for more pictures.

Couples Switch Outfits In Playful, Gender-Bending Photo Series By Hana Pesut (31 pics)Have you ever wondered how you might look if you switched clothes with someone of the opposite gender? Canadian photographer Hana Pesut has set out to deal with that question in Switcharoo, which features couples photographed in their outfits and then again after they swap clothing.

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What would you look like as another gender?

JJ Levine poses the same model in pictures as both a man and a woman. Some of these are especially well done, and they go far beyond a simple clothing swap as they are meant to be believable. Click through for the pictures, my favourite is likely the pregnancy one! via GillianW

Beautiful Photo Series Explores How One Person Can Take On Two Genders1. Alone Time is a photo series by Canadian artist JJ Levine, in which he configures one model into two different genders within the same frame. “By doubling a single body within one frame,” Levine told BuzzFeed, “I celebrate the human capacity for gender fluidity and call into question the idea of authenticity of gender.”

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Men fake orgasms too

There are a bunch of real issues and breakdown in communication when it comes to the bedroom. Women feeling pressured to have orgasms is certainly a big one. Smaller but still significant is men feeling pressured to have orgasms. The fact that many would laugh off such a claim is an indication of how little they understand the pressures men feel towards the whole experience. I’ve always been a heavy believer in communication, but sometimes it results in hurt feelings, especially if people take it personally. This article gives us a roundup of some of the data about both and reminds us that we need to start being more aware. via MichelleP

Could you tell if your man ever faked an orgasm?Has your man faked it? Go ahead and scoff – it is an article of faith that male orgasms are as frequent and common as Hollyoaks re-runs on Channel 4 – but according to recent data, odds are, you’ve probably been with a man who has faked it.

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