RE: Miley Cyrus

So Sinéad O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus. It’s interesting in that “here is your role model telling you that you are going down the wrong path”.

But then Amanda Palmer got into the ring and wrote one to Sinéad. One of the most interesting conversations I’ve read in a long time.

an open letter to sinéad o’connor, re: miley cyrus.Sinéad O’Connor wrote a letter to Miley Cyrus, you can read it here: (or HERE on The Guardian if her site’s down from heavy traffic) This is my letter back to Sinéad. Dear Sinéad, I love you. I grew up worshipping your music and your bold attitude and, especially, your refusal to sign up to the bullshit beauty standard.

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Click the link above to read it in full. Talk about a look into the struggle women face when trying to be powerful and embrace elements which are traditionally just for the male gaze.