Halloween lights

A light show choreographed to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

You’l recognize this as another Christmas light show, but really ever since the original Wizards in Winter, this is the first one that I would say bothered to do it well. Minimalist so that not too much is happening at once, good sense what beats to hit and with how many lights. The windows had the danger of being a gimmick, but he syched them so well and with enough variety that I would say, job well done!

Hit up their youtube channel for more songs and choreos.

via HIghoS

M-flo feat Boa

Dropping english as if it belongs in another language.

m-flo and boa’s Love Bug

This is one of the only examples of the subtitling aluminum did of kpop, in this case m-flo. What really struck me in this song is how the English is used with the Korean but it doesn’t sound like gimmicky word drops, it flows smoothly and perfectly with the rest of the song. To my ears anyways.