Milk Pinups

Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz splashed milk as clothes on models to recreate classic pinups. check out his website for the whole series. Obviously NSFW.

My favourite is probably this dress.


One person mentioned to me that this struck the uncanny valley, of something a little too perfect to be believable. While it’s true he used real milk splashing on skin to create the pictures, a lot of Photoshop went into making them perfect and compositing all the shots together. So I think this was a bit inevitable. I’d also argue that this aesthetic belongs to the classic pinup in the first place.

Many more pictures on his website bellow.

Aurum Light BlogToday we have a few illustrations from our recent Workshops in London, Frankfurt and Los Angeles. We had a great time with photographers from all over the world and now are gearing up for a really fantastic Milky weekend in Italy, produced by Manfrotto and Marco Tortato in Bassano on 8-9 June.

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Dual Photography

It’s easy to see how a mirror allows you see around the corner by reflecting light, but can you exploit the reflective qualities of any surface to do the same?

Dual Photography by Stanford & Cornell Universities.

I hope we all thought of Blade Runner when we saw this. In this case they still need to be able to control the light source, but I can see how this could one day lead to what my intro blurb suggests, that everything is a mirror, and from any image you have another layer of data, the reflection data from which you can reconstruct unseen things.