Juste Debout 2012 Popping

It’s no secret that I’ve been loving me some popping in the last year, and so this compolation of Juste Debout 2012 Popping category was particularly stunning for me. If you’re still wondering what this dance style is all about, be sure to check it out. Thanks YAK Films.

DEYDEY Popping

It’s really great to see talented women getting recognized more and more in the hip-hop world, even if it is primarily in popping. This is certainly no exception, on all counts. YAKFilms delivers once again.

Funky Lia Popping

Funky Lia Popping in Seoul South Korea by YAK FILMS

Absolutely stunning, queued it up every time I sat down at the comp for a few days straight. Great use of space that is both busy and clear at the same time.