Leningrad – I’ll pay you

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, Sex trade

This is really irrelevant of if you agree that sex workers deserve better working conditions, protection under the law, and that there is nothing shameful about it. Those are all good things in my books.

I’m really not sure on my interpretation of the video, since I don’t speak the language. But in any case, this is what it ended up meaning to me when I watched it. If someone wants to clear it up in the comments, do post! Maybe it could also have to do with the Russian bride trade?

This very powerful video touches on another aspect which is that we think everyone is for sale, especially women. Not just those that have made an informed, researched and accepted choice. It also speaks to how non-trivial such a decision can be, that you should not take it lightly. It doesn’t mean everyone would regret it, but it does speak directly to something that is so engrained in both genders in our society especially when it comes to our relationships. Money for sex. And the eventual question, “What are you worth?”

Ленинград — Плачу / Leningrad – I’ll pay you, click to play
Leningrad – I’ll pay you