Bodyhacking – Women

Bodyhackers Are All Around You, They’re Called Women

I have two cyborg implants. One is in my hand, and it lets my unlock phones and doors by waving at them. The other is in my uterus, and it lets me control my own fertility.

Can Accepting Jeggings as Pants Make You a Better Feminist?

How Accepting Leggings as Pants Made Me a Better Feminist argues against Fashion snobbery, and espouses the author’s re-found love of leggings and their virtues. Is she onto something here? Then she theorizes that this has led her to a new place in Feminism. What do you think? And does it apply to Jeggings too?

How Accepting Leggings as Pants Made Me a Better FeministI’ve come around on leggings. For years, I was one of the most adamant legging haters in the country. When I saw a girl/woman walk by wearing leggings “as pants” my stalwart go-to reaction was: eye-roll + “echh” + one or more of the following: “Leggings aren’t pants” / “That’s not even flattering” / “Does she think that looks cute?”

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