M-flo feat Boa

Dropping english as if it belongs in another language.

m-flo and boa’s Love Bug

This is one of the only examples of the subtitling aluminum did of kpop, in this case m-flo. What really struck me in this song is how the English is used with the Korean but it doesn’t sound like gimmicky word drops, it flows smoothly and perfectly with the rest of the song. To my ears anyways.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson

Ed Alleyne-Johnson busking electric violin at the square in Chester UK on May 2006

Electric violin is a pretty neat instrument, and pedal use is on the rise for solo artists. This is a nice street performance of both.

It’s a bit weird and random but I rather enjoy the cameraman’s moving around, really showing off the atmosphere where this is meant to be enjoyed.

via Teya

Dual Photography

It’s easy to see how a mirror allows you see around the corner by reflecting light, but can you exploit the reflective qualities of any surface to do the same?

Dual Photography by Stanford & Cornell Universities.

I hope we all thought of Blade Runner when we saw this. In this case they still need to be able to control the light source, but I can see how this could one day lead to what my intro blurb suggests, that everything is a mirror, and from any image you have another layer of data, the reflection data from which you can reconstruct unseen things.

The Hunt

m.i.d.a.s by MIT students

Forget the system, I want the instant party goers button. Visualizations are so “how we thought the future would be” and yet once we had it, we found it didn’t really go anywhere. There was however a short golden age with winamp, between when people still sat around just listening to music and the queue ipod with 8GB and hit random — where people could stare at visualizations, but now it just seems like a waste of screen real estate.

Live Action Mario

Gordon College’s Super Mario Brothers Live Action

(via transbuddha.com)

There’s been a lot of mario content lately, and I’ve definitely saved the best for another day. But this is still one of the first things I’ve seen done that was pretty well thought out. I like how things go on even once things stop working properly. Too many coins in those blocks though.

Live-Action efforts are often awesome because of the memories they evoke in us.