How to Apologize without sounding like a Fartbag

Hank Green of vlogbrothers guides us through what makes a good sincere apology. And sometimes we need to be reminded what that sounds like. Spot on brother.

Gorgeous stop motion blends hand drawn animation and hand crafted wildlife sets

The new John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 , The Bear & The Hare. Sheer brilliance, the charm of hand drawn animation, set in 3D hand crafted wildlife sets and captured through stop motion photography. Plus, you know, a nice sappy story. Making of after the jump. via AnneT

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Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon acting Richard Gere

Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon demonstrating the Richard Gere acting technique. The continuous tweaking they do to the scene is what made this video special for me.

Don Ward: Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

Don Ward: Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire is quite the character. I wish I had a convenient 5$ shoe shine though, the shoe repair shop near my place charges 15$. via reddit

What would you look like as another gender?

JJ Levine poses the same model in pictures as both a man and a woman. Some of these are especially well done, and they go far beyond a simple clothing swap as they are meant to be believable. Click through for the pictures, my favourite is likely the pregnancy one! via GillianW

Beautiful Photo Series Explores How One Person Can Take On Two Genders1. Alone Time is a photo series by Canadian artist JJ Levine, in which he configures one model into two different genders within the same frame. “By doubling a single body within one frame,” Levine told BuzzFeed, “I celebrate the human capacity for gender fluidity and call into question the idea of authenticity of gender.”

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