Town full of cats make a music video

Fatboy Slim – The Joker’s official music video was the result of a fan contest, and one fan’s large collection of cats and desire to make cat towns.

Two Scots cussing out a rabbit

NSFW language.

A rabbit just won’t get off the road and these two Scots decide to provide running commentary. I particularly liked them guessing as to it’s motivations. via reddit

Welcome to the Internet


Welcome to the Internet. [via reddit]

I’ve been posting interesting (to me) things to blogs on and off for nearly 10 years now, at various places. Before that I was lugging burnt CDs of videos to my friends houses to show them latest I had found on college FTP sites, and exchanging stuff at LAN parties as a teen. Hopefully I can find a home for them here for quiet awhile more.

I know my taste is not everyone’s taste, but I hope it’s eclectic enough that you can see something once in awhile and say “wow”. Connecting you to that experience is the reason I do it.

If you appreciate that, I’d humbly ask you to “like” my facebook page linked on the top right, as it would help me a lot in reaching more people. If the posts in your feed bother you, there is a little down arrow in fb in the top left of each post in your feed that allow you to hide specific post types, or posts by specific people.

You might also notice that I revamped the website, hopefully it doesn’t look like geocities anymore. Really WordPress, what were you thinking with this year’s default theme? I’d like to thank PaulF for his diligent work in getting the quirks out of this layout.

Thank you for the gift of your time, and back to your regular programming.

– Finlay

Spider Who Couldn’t Hide

Animal voiceovers, even when there aren’t really any any lips are hilarious. This is no exception. Great ending too. Looks like this would make a great pet, don’t you think? via reddit