Jeff Gordon’s Test Drive

Jeff Gordon with some cash from pepsi “test drives” a car from a dealership. Saying he took it for a spin would be an understatement.

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Zero Fucks Given RX7

A teenager builds a car with no attention to finish work. Dubbed the Zero Fucks Given RX7 it’s certainly unique. The video is a bit long for me, but fans of Top Gear will probably be used to this format.

Dancing in a car accident

I’m not quiete sure how to feel about this little bit of performance art. At this point, it’s not like he can contribute to the scene. Is he disrespecting it? Or actually acknowledging it / honouring the pain? You be the judge.

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Sleeper Cars

No not a Hearse, but an unassuming car that hides its power. I always though that loud was over-rated, glad someone out there agrees. Originally was a video to someone’s school project about the cars he had modded, but he decided to take his video down. No known mirrors are out there.

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Reliant Robin – Top Gear

Little skit on the three wheeled car. Wasn’t expecting that. Didn’t get old nearly as fast as I thought it would either.

Sometimes Top Gear delivers. Ok maybe often. This is one of those times.