Lily Myers – Shrinking Women

Lily Myers’s slam poem “Shrinking Women”. The simple differences in gendered cultural upbringing have never been so plainly exposed. via Upworthy

Couldn’t eat another bite

Community Channel explains what should happen when someone says “I couldn’t eat another bite”. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve shared this with people over the years.

Ottawa Vegetarian Food

As a vegetarian since birth (not currently vegan, no fish/chicken, +eggs +dairy), I will say do not treat vegetarian food like an ethnic food type and you will have the best time. I’ve listed the vegan/granola typical places bellow further, but I’ve always had better luck finding a resto that was not veggy but had decent options.

My personal pics of good restos that have stuff I can eat are:

  • Stone Faced Dollys (Brunch, Preston)
  • Memories (Lunch/Desert, Clarence)
  • Siam Bistro (Thai, Wellington)
  • So Good Foods (Chinese, Somerset)
  • Wassabi (Japanese/Sushi, Clarence)
  • The Manx (Granola, Elgin)
  • La Favorita (Italian, Preston)
  • Saigon Pho (Pho, Bank)
  • Chez Nam (Vietnamese, Booth)
  • Ceylonta (Sri Lankan, Somerset)
  • Newport (Pizza, Richmond)
  • The Works (burgers, everywhere)

If you’re looking for “pure” Vegan/Granola places (notice almost all of these are the same kind of food):

  • The Manx (elgin)
  • Zen Kitchen (somerset, fancy vegan)
  • The Table (wellington, buffet)
  • Green Door (buffet)
  • Cafe New House (bank, way past billings)
  • Savage Garden (thai, fake meat, bank street near billings)
  • Perfection Satisfaction Promise (laurier)
  • Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet (somerset)
  • Green Earth (Elgin)
  • Wild Oat (bank, breakfast and lunch)
  • La Belle Verte (Gatineau)

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