Harry Connick Jr & French Rhythm Accents fixing clapping

Problem: audience is clapping on beats 1 & 3.
Solution: insert a beat tag; (0:39-0:40) audience now clapping on the off-beat
Drummer raises his arms (“Yes!!”) when the switch happens.

Band plays a personalized love song to random chatroulette woman

Done Right Jr make a custom personalized love song for a random woman on chatroulette. Fantastic, put a huge smile on my face. From the archives.

Tom Jones – Treat her right

Tom Jones singing, dancing, kissing — Treat her right in 1968. And because nobody is an island, bonus dance inspiration after the click-through.

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James Hill’s Billie Jean

James Hill performs Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on Ukulele Live with some absolutely great playing and nice percussion.

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