Yarn Bomb Tree

Yarn bombs are fairly popular these days, but I thought this one was pretty good what with the pattern and non-standard sizes required in this project.


Disney Princesses Wearing Pop-Culture Costumes

Isaiah Stephens drew these striking images of Disney Princesses in pop-culture costumes ostensibly for Halloween.click through for more drawings in full size to do them justice! These are really great.

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Couples Switch Outfits By Hana Pesut

In the “isn’t this fun and hilarious” camp we have this clothing swap where men and women swapped clothes after a picture was taken for a pretty big double-take done by Hana Pesut. Click through for more pictures.

Couples Switch Outfits In Playful, Gender-Bending Photo Series By Hana Pesut (31 pics)Have you ever wondered how you might look if you switched clothes with someone of the opposite gender? Canadian photographer Hana Pesut has set out to deal with that question in Switcharoo, which features couples photographed in their outfits and then again after they swap clothing.

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